4 Great Christmas Movies You *May* Not Have Seen

4 Great Christmas Movies You *May* Not Have Seen

Christmas movies are a tradition. Sure, Home Alone and Elf are classics, but they can get boring when you gotta watch them constantly on TV each year. There’s only so many times you can see Will Ferrell in tights before the fatigue begins to set in. Sometimes you just have to spice things up a bit.

Here’s a list of movies for the whole family, as well as some just for the adults to watch this year. Who knows, maybe one of these will start a brand new holiday tradition.

A Boy Called Christmas

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This Netflix original is a nice, fantasy story for the whole family to enjoy. The story takes place within a bedtime story being told to kids on Christmas Eve. What’s more Christmas-y than that? It’s a delightfully fun time that has a cozy warmth to it. It may not be the best of the Christmas movies on this list, but it makes for a solid family watch.

Streaming now on Netflix.

Better Watch Out

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This movie is a clever, horror-centric take on Home Alone that has such a great concept it makes you wonder why it hasn’t been made before. The film is about a babysitter and the kids protecting their house. But when one of the kids begin to pull some classically violent Home Alone antics, the film asks whether it’s a sign of the kid’s sociopathy. It’s the perfect movie if you’re looking to add some dark humor and horror to your watch party.

The film is available to stream now for free on Peacock, even without a paid subscription.

The Night Before

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The Night Before is only for the adults. If you didn’t check it out when it released because maybe you had younger kids or you thought it looked stupid, set aside time to watch this. You’ll be glad you did. It combines an absolutely hilarious stoner comedy with a heartwarming Christmas story to create a truly great movie. The chemistry between Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is heartfelt and hilarious, and they all give great performances. You’ll be surprised how much you like this movie, if you’re okay with this type of humor, that is.

This movie is available to rent or buy wherever you buy your movies.

Happiest Season

Image Via: Hulu

Happiest Season was a standout from 2020. It’s about a woman who goes to her girlfriend’s family for Christmas, only to find out that her girlfriend never told them that she was gay. Hooked yet? The brilliant cast (which features Kristen Stewart as well as Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek) will have you belly-laughing throughout without forgetting to bring the emotional punches that make this movie so memorable. It’s a true feel-good story you’ll want to watch over and over.

The movie is available to stream on Hulu now.

If none of these movies piqued your interest, fine, go back to watching The Polar Express for the fiftieth time. That’s totally okay too! Just don’t say I didn’t try to help expand your Christmas movie palette.


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