The Matrix has you…

Let’s say a white rabbit really did come across your life. Would you have the guts — much less, the curiosity — to follow it? Most of us who enjoy a good geek moment in time (e.g., science fiction, comic book, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, or sprinkle in a little horror) would like to think when the bunny came hopping, we would follow the cottontail to the club.

Why? The Matrix has us all.

We, the denizens of the Nebuchadnezzar, have all followed that white rabbit looking for something different in our nerd chatter. Why? We got tired of clickbait, misleading headlines, poorly written stories, and random musings folk don’t care too much to read.

Enter the Rabbit Hole

(it’s our blog, but that sounds more dramatic)


As we embark on this new frontier, our inhabitants of insight will curate content in several arenas, three to be exact. Those are: News. Clues. And Reviews found in our own ‘Rabbit Hole.’

Whatever you are here to do in MoviesMatrix, you will find something you can share, enjoy, and even learn when you take that blue pill, close your eyes, and drift off to Wonderland.

Nighty night.