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The RetroLight Awards | Emily Blunt

We will take this woman serving us ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ any day of the week! This month’s winner is Emily Blunt.

The RetroLight Awards | Michael B. Jordan

From a soap opera star to a superstar, Michael B. Jordan has done everything and is bad in nothing. Yes, including Fant4stic. Come at us, haters.

The RetroLight Awards | Bradley Cooper

We’ll always have ‘The Hangover’, but when you look at the breadth of his work, Bradley Cooper doesn’t have time to be hung over because he’s always working. And doing it well!

The RetroLight Awards | Josh Brolin

Welcome to the inaugural post for the ‘RetroLight’ Awards. Who wins? Brolin. For what? Take a look inside. And grab your popcorn!