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Jason Momoa Teaches Nerds a Lesson About the Movies

Are you not “entertained?” Aquaman gets it. We should too.

‘The First Avenger’ Gave the Best Lasting Impression

One might call Captain America: The First Avenger one of the most forgotten MCU movie. What if I told you that one of the more forgotten films had the best ending? All the talk about the Avengers will unveil their fourth movie got me thinking…

Let’s Look Behind the Curtain at the ‘Most Influential Film Ever’

When you think about what movies have influenced entertainment more than any other, do you see red?

Can We Now Get Ready for the Stan Lee Biopic?

Stan Lee lived a long, fruitful life. Now is time to celebrate it on film. Can someone call Bryan Cranston?

The ‘God’ of Kaiju Films Gets a Modern Reboot

Before Mothra. Before Pacific Rim. Before Godzilla. There was… Buddha?! And it’s coming back.

Should ‘Suicide Squad’ Just Kill Itself Under James Gunn?

Only two words are more polarizing in the CBM multiverse than Suicide Squad. That’s “James” and “Gunn.”

The DCEU Could Be Making a Comeback for the Ages, But Can They?

As fans, many of us see potential in the DCEU. But time is running out for everyone to see it.

Why I Believe Everyone is Wrong About ‘Black Panther’

UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME: ‘Black Panther’ is a very flawed film. There, now that he has your attention…

Pay Attention to Jason Momoa’s Other Role…on Netflix

Aquaman is coming. Game of Thrones went. But have you seen Jason Momoa in this Netflix show? You should.

‘Willy Wonka’ is Returning as a Prequel, and Bad Ideas Return with It

“Wrong, sit, wrong! You get nothing!” If only Hollywood would say that to bad ideas.

Why ‘Batman v Superman’ Was Way Ahead of its Time

Here’s a nerd known for his opinions and critiques. And this polarizing film is his GOAT?! Check out why…

What Could We See from Wakanda in ‘Black Panther 2’

Killmonger was first. Who could be next to invade Wakanda and challenge King T’Challa. We have five…ripped from the headlines.