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A-List | 5 Actors to Replace Batfleck

Ben Affleck is finally out as Batman. He wanted that. We want a replacement. Here are 5 ideas. Thoughts?

A-LIST | The 12 Best Video Game Movies Ever

Anime to Action to Animation, Video Game movies have a good history with Hollywood. In that, they are there. But, they’re getting better.

A-LIST | The Top 10 to Unite the Comic Universes

We argue superhero movies because one side doesn’t like the other. It’s like politics for nerds. This A-List should unite our country.

A-LIST | The Top 8 Best & Worst Movies of 2018

Now that 2018 is over, let’s tackle the Top 8 and Bottom 8 movies of the year. And there were many of both.

A-LIST | Top 12 Most Anticipated Films for 2019

Next year is going to be full of blockbusters all through 2019. Can you narrow them down to the top 12? We tried. And, it was a struggle.

A-LIST | Who Are the Top Movie Santas of All Time?

Since 1930, Santa has been in movies. And we somehow narrowed it down to 10. Will yours be on this list?

A-LIST | Top 8 Movie Villains of 2018

This was the year of the bad guy. Wherever you looked, they looked awesome. Who made your top 8 of 2018?

Ranking All 8 Spider-Man Movies

Quick! Think about all the Spider-Man movies. Even Venom. How do they rank? We have an idea.

A-LIST | 5 Disney Animated Classics That Need Live Action

You have already thought it so we will just confirm it. These are definitely the movies that should be Disney Next.

A-LIST | The Top 5 Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2018

You have seen a lot of movies this year, but what movie did you see the most before you saw it? We have the Top 5.

A-LIST | Stan Lee’s Top 10 Best Cameos

More than 50. How can you narrow them down to 10? You get sentimental and remember the source. For Stan, “Excelsior.”

A-LIST | The 25 Best Biopics of All Time

When you think of a famous person’s life, not all can be told on screen. But 25 of them have become instant classics. Can you name them? We did.