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A-LIST | 5 Disney Animated Classics That Need Live Action

You have already thought it so we will just confirm it. These are definitely the movies that should be Disney Next.

A-LIST | The Top 5 Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2018

You have seen a lot of movies this year, but what movie did you see the most before you saw it? We have the Top 5.

A-LIST | Stan Lee’s Top 10 Best Cameos

More than 50. How can you narrow them down to 10? You get sentimental and remember the source. For Stan, “Excelsior.”

A-LIST | The 25 Best Biopics of All Time

When you think of a famous person’s life, not all can be told on screen. But 25 of them have become instant classics. Can you name them? We did.

A-List | The Top 10 Horror Villains of All Time

Halloween wouldn’t be the day the death we celebrate without these 10 malevolent folks. Who are they? Read inside.

A-LIST | The 10 Most Essential Horror Themes Ever

You hum them. And usually when you’re in the dark or you know something bad is about to happen. That’s what iconic themes do to people.

From Consoles to Film: 5 Video Games That Deserve Film Adaptations

QUICK: Name a movie based on a video game that has blown you away. We’ll wait… and while you wait, read this list of 5 games that could change your mind.

A-LIST | 12 Times When People Have Cheered for the Bad Guy

Venom is an anti-hero but we’ll still cheer for him like he’s super. We have done that at least 12 other times too. Can you name them?

5 Spin-Off Ideas to Make Even More Magic in the ‘Wizarding World’

Imagine what the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be like if we knew more about the people inside of it? Now we can…

A-LIST | The Top 13 Movie Monsters Ever

They eat. They scare. They kill. But where to they rank on an all-time list? MoviesMatrix dares to discover the top movie monsters ever.

5 Other Marvel Characters That Deserve the Netflix Treatment

Netflix has a proven formula for Marvel characters. Who would be the next five deserving of that treatment?

A-LIST | The Next 10 Characters Who Need a CBM

Before we get it poppin’, let’s discuss the newest series in the Matrix. Here, we pride ourselves at bringing you salient opinions, comprehensive reviews, and a few editorials that will make you spit out your popcorn and yell at your device because movies are…