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Review | ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Characters Done Right

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the most recent film to come out about everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Only this time, more than one person wears the mask. Spider-Verse is a story with a message, one that anyone can be Spider-Man and that everyone is special…

Theater Throwback | For John Wick, It was Personal

‘John Wick’ is not your mama’s assassin movie. It’s a film first, action second, and that’s why it works.

GUEST POST | ‘Thoroughbreds’ was 2018’s Surprising Masterpiece

It’s possible you missed this movie. Our latest member of the Matrix thinks you still have time to hit it.

Quid Pro Quo | ‘Aquaman’ Makes Waves for DC and WB

Two people. Two points-of-view. One solid review. This is ‘Aquaman.’ (At least, we think so.)

The DR Is In | Halloween (2018) Review

The Shape Returns In What May Be The Greatest Horror Sequel of All Time Director David Gordon Green takes John Carpenter’s iconic original film from 1978, and lovingly shares it with a new generation. Retconning all of the sequels that preceded the original film…

The DR Is In | First Man (2018) Review

First Man: Critics love it. Fans meh it. Sounds like Oscar season to us.

‘First Man’: It’s the ‘Dunkirk’ of Space Exploration Movies

Shake-cams. Claustrophobe-views. Jilted scripts. By hey, it’s space so that’s good, right?

CULT CORNER | ‘Ravenous’ is the Cannibal Movie You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ever had that biting sensation when watching a movie…

The DR Is In | Venom (2018) Review

Tom Hardy is great. Venom is good. Everyone else? Meh. Details inside…

Will Watch | Solo: A Star Wars Story (DVD) Review

It took a galaxy far, far way to bring it here, but we finally got to see what makes Han Solo the scruffy-looking nerfherder that he is. And I was glad for it.

Robin Wright Takes the “Reigns” in ‘House of Cards’ Season 6 Trailer

Claire Underwood takes one for the team — all members of it — in this dynamic, multifaceted trailer.

The DR Is In | Hell Fest (2018) Review

What started out as a bumpy ride into another stereotypical slasher movie ended with a firm, promising ending and a memorable slasher.