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If you have a personal missive, private email, or perfunctory explanation of how you would like to see things done differently at MoviesMatrix (or in the CBM multiverse as a whole), batter up!

Yes, we mean it. Email the squad and one of us will be in touch. No kidding. We don’t make promises (often) but we will try to get in touch. You know? If your question warrants a reply.

See the box below with the email and stuff? Get it. (And we will get to you.)

And don’t forget to follow the squad on Twitter:

  • Our very own ‘Ming the Merciless’ and fearless leader: Todd @ SuperheroPoll
    • He founded this thing so we pretty much do what he says.
  • Our editorial purveyor of hype, hubbub, and ballyhoo: SPW @ GeekSpeakPolls
    • He corrects grammar, uses big words, and writes things. A lot. 
  • Our audacious sporting paranoid-in-chief: Vega @ VEGAlliance
    • He chats up wrestling, gaming, sports, and other things geeks could play.
  • Our dean of clever insight and cerebral inspiration: Alfred @ AlfredMurphy5
    • He reviews cinema and he beat cancer, so what have you done? 
  • Our resident bacon critic and egg consult: Porgy @ PorgStrong
    • He ruminates more than all things Star Wars (not much more, but it’s there.) 
  • Our resident chieftain of digital proselytizing and soothsaying: Will @ W_Vickers11
    • He’s so plugged in to the nerd news & reviews scene like Batman charging all his toys. 
  • Our director of awesome, astonishment, and acuity: Chadwick @ ChaddyDaddy_19
    • He’s kinda cool, writes big news, and is smart. See? That was easy. 
  • Our international man of leisure and adept loquaciousness: Haroon @ Haroon4D.
    • The guy doesn’t live in America, he’s smart, and talks a lot about good geek stuff.

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