Nerd News

When life is coming at you full speed, you have choices to slow things down. When you talk to a full out-of-the-closet nerd or one of those docile, more reserved geeks, they have several selections to calm the nerves:

  • Breaking news regarding movies, TV, people, and games
  • Fascinating trailers for movies, TV, and games (all involving people)
  • Pontificating blogs on movies, TV, people, and games
  • Compelling reviews about movies, TV, people, and games

Sensing a trend around here?!

So, what’s the difference?

Glad you asked.

As we have pointed out, you can many places online to get your nerd on. (No, not those places. This is a family show, you perv.) Why the MoviesMatrix for your rhythm and news? Because this is a place we want threads — your opinions matter.

We value discussion with repercussion. If you have something to say about anything you read, put it in the Matrix. Judge-free.

Our thoughts are planned. Our stories are verified. Our opinions are solid. And most of all, our site is free of bait. (The bad kind that smells like ass and crackers.)


So follow the links or visit the navigation. Take the blue pill and enjoy the ride.


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