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Editor-in-Chief / Columnist
Time’s “Person of the Year” (2006)

IRL: Shawn (aka. “SPW”)


Home: Deep in the heart of… (clap clap clap)

Status: Married with Children

Your Thing: SEO, Digital Marketing, Martial Arts

One Liners:

Wars or Trek: Star Wars, original trilogy.

Marvel or DC: Marvel has the best movies but DC creates the best comic stories.

Favorite 2 a.m. Burner Food: Jack-in-the-Box tacos. 2 for $.99?! Please!

kenpo beltsLast 3 Songs on Playlist:

  • “Hater”, Korn
  • “I Think She Like Me”, Rick Ross
  • “Comfortably Numb”, Pink Floyd

(NOTE: This really isn’t fair. I have 18 playlists on Spotify comprised of 32,983 songs. Yes, I counted and selected every tune. I’m an addict. Please send help.)

Favorite Movie/TV Character: 

  • Movie: Keyser Söze, The Usual Suspects
  • TV: Walter White, Breaking Bad 

Top Movie Genre: Science Fiction

Comic Character Whose @$$ I Want to Kick:

  • Iron Fist (Finn Jones made that character look like he was bullied in grade school. At least cast someone who knows martial arts instead of just reading Black Belt magazine.)


  • CBM DVDs (Yes, even pre-MCU and -DCEU)
  • Martial arts achievements
  • Stephen King novels (even the Richard Bachman books)

Deep Thoughts:

Poof. You’re a Superhero: Batman, all day long!

Favorite Movie Quote:

carpe diem

Believe it or not, I… have ghostwritten a New York Times business best-seller

Who Would You Make Into a Voodoo Doll? No one you would know, but there are a few people I have worked with that I would gladly make into a fat pin cushion.

Famous People You’ve Met (Longer than a Handshake): 

Aretha Franklin and Smokey RobinsonDuring a stint as a public relations executive director, I was honored to represent the United Negro College Fund for three years. As a result, I was the representative for the recipient for UNCF’s prestigious Spirit of Excellence Annual Award.

So, I represented, met, worked with, and other things for:

  • Stevie Wonder
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Smokey Robinson

Spirit Animal:

  • Robin Williams (famous)
  • My family (personal)
  • Peregrine falcon (real)
texxas driving
Love my state.

Stray Pet Peeves:

  • Stupid — not ignorant — people. Those who don’t care how dumb they sound, think, or really are.
  • Slow-ass drivers in the fast lane.
  • Disrespect.

I Got Detention For… Mooning my classmate during school. Eh, in the middle of history class.

Favorite Written Post on 

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