The Grand Poobah


Part-time Dream Alchemist
Future stockholder in Funko Pops!

IRL: Todd

Home: Where you find “Purple Rain” in the clouds


Status: Shacking with Children

Your Thing: Graphic Design, Twitter Pimp…eh, networking

One Liners

Wars or Trek? Star Wars, easy.

Marvel or DC? Both, but I lean Marvel

Favorite 2 a.m. Burner Food? Anything on the Taco Bell menu

slipknotLast 3 Songs on Playlist? 

  • “Psychosocial”, Slipknot
  • “Stupify”, Disturbed
  • “Suey!”, System of a Down

Favorite Movie/TV Character? 

  • Movie: Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs
  • TV: Dexter Morgan, Dexter

Top Movie Genre?

  • CBM or Sci-Fi (I can’t decide.)

Kiss vinylComic Character Whose @$$ You Want to Kick / Kiss?

  • Kick: Star-Lord
  • Kiss: Scarlet Witch


  • KISS vinyl
  • Funko
  • Art books

Deep Thoughts

POOF! You’re a Superhero: I would be Superman!

Favorite Movie Quote: 

avengers assemble

Believe it or not, I… have two metal hips.

Who Would You Make Into a Voodoo Doll?

  • Donald J. Trump (I’d sell it too…for cheap.)

Famous People You’ve Met (Longer than a handshake)?

  • Hmmm…can’t really think of anyone.

Spirit Animal? My girlfriend and children

Stray Pet Peeves?

  • People who cut their finger nails in public

I got detention for… Talking too much (at the absolute worst times).

Favorite Post Written on All of them, of course. (Don’t press me.)

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