Say What

So, you’ve been thinking, huh? Was it something we said, wrote, or did? Remember: entertainment is only subjective. (We knew you would want to contact MoviesMatrix, but this is why.) That is why a “Contact Us” section is so important to an entertainment and geckaphile blog.

Music, movies, games, and novels all have something in common. They create opinions, strikes feelings, and causes even the most mild-mannered geeks to break into fisticuffs over a simple question like, “Marvel vs. DC. Who ya’ got?”

(Please. Like you’ve never seen that happen. Just ask someone who has typed #ReleaseTheSnyderCut)

Why Contact MoviesMatrix

Contact us, moviesmatrixf, by email, social, or comments. phone is unlisted.

Don’t you hate the social media influencer who puts out content but rarely responds to how that content makes us feel? What about a blog that issues a post of which you completely disagree with its premise? No one likes being the brunt of disagreement, but you have an intelligent stance, you should be permitted your say-so.

Conversely, who would ignore a good compliment? No one, so why should you avoid conflict? See what is out there. Who knows…you may learn something. At least, that is how we feel in the MoviesMatrix, which is why this contact us section is so important.

More importantly, elevating the craft of debate in this genre is crucial to how successful entertainment can be. Most entertainment journalists suck up to the beautiful people and ignore the craft. Not here.

At, the debate is what matters.

What You Can Do

We all have different perspectives and we should celebrate that. It doesn’t matter that you think someone believes The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars film ever. What is important is your ability to understand why.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South African Civil Rights Leader and ClericEver seen or heard this quote? Archbishop Desmond Tutu said this during the height of South Africa’s dreaded Apartheid civil rights struggles.

Yet, he knew the power of his words was not in his volume, but in the content of his thought.

Thoughts have content, but not all of it is fully considered. Read more. Think more. Then…talk more. This is why we are here. Nonetheless, your opinions and thoughts are welcome. We believe in open letters, so we firmly believe in open communication. And all trolls have our earnest permission to suck it and never come here again. 

Contact us and trolls suck
…At least those who don’t allow for two-way conversation and intelligent debate.
  • If there’s a topic who want researched and written, let us know.
  • If there is a debate you want squashed, holler. We are here to serve.
  • If you think you have the sand to write a guest post yourself, flex.
  • Or if you have the time to become a more permanent part- or full-time fixture of the team, we’d love to see a writing sample and talk about your personal geckaphilia.

Whatever it is and whatever you think, reach out, contact MoviesMatrix, and we will be in touch. Also, find us everywhere on social media.

Welcome to the (Movies) Matrix.