Tag: Black History Month

Black History Month Profile | Icon

He is from outer space. He could possibly whoop Superman. And, oh yeah, he was a slave freed on the Underground Railroad. Yes, really.

Black History Month Profile | War Machine

He’s a man on a mission, both for his job and his creed. War Machine is a force. James Rhodes makes him a man.

First Look at Slavery Abolitionist Heroine Biopic ‘Harriet’

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” ~Harriet Tubman

Black History Month Profile | Black Lightning

Who says teachers aren’t cool?! Black Lightning was everything most heroes couldn’t be — very human.

Black History Month Profile | Cyborg

He’s strong. He’s a leader. He’s on a mission. And he’s part computer. There’s much we can learn from Cyborg.

Black History Month Profile | Black Manta

While his presence has been quiet until recently, his impact has been felt for years. This is Black Manta.

Black History Month Profile | Luke Cage

Today’s Black History Month comic profile is Power Man, who has exhibited true strength comes from within.

New Series: Black History Month Comic Profiles

There are characters–heroes and villains–that are more than just comics. They are cultural landmarks. That’s what we’ll learn during Black History Month.