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Films from either the DC or Marvel Universes

Black History Month Profile | War Machine

He’s a man on a mission, both for his job and his creed. War Machine is a force. James Rhodes makes him a man.

A-List | 5 Actors to Replace Jackman in the MCU as Wolverine

With the Marvel / Fox merger, can anyone replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Looks like we will see, so here are 5 options.

Black History Month Profile | Cyborg

He’s strong. He’s a leader. He’s on a mission. And he’s part computer. There’s much we can learn from Cyborg.

Black History Month Profile | Black Manta

While his presence has been quiet until recently, his impact has been felt for years. This is Black Manta.

Review | ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Characters Done Right

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the most recent film to come out about everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Only this time, more than one person wears the mask. Spider-Verse is a story with a message, one that anyone can be Spider-Man and that everyone is special…

A-List | 5 Actors to Replace Batfleck

Ben Affleck is finally out as Batman. He wanted that. We want a replacement. Here are 5 ideas. Thoughts?

New Series: Black History Month Comic Profiles

There are characters–heroes and villains–that are more than just comics. They are cultural landmarks. That’s what we’ll learn during Black History Month.

As Ben Affleck Confirms He’s Done, Matt Reeves Confirms He’s Just Beginning

We’ve waited. We’ve gossiped. Now we have an answer and none other than Matt Reeves is helping us move on.

That Was The Day the DCEU Died (Really)

WB Chairman Toby Emmerich has officially piled dirt on the DCEU corpse. We try to discover why.

The Villainous View | Leto’s Joker Is One Of The Most Wasted Characters In History

Come at me, DC. I not only have a fueled opinion about Suicide Squad but also proof about the death of this film.

A-LIST | The Top 10 to Unite the Comic Universes

We argue superhero movies because one side doesn’t like the other. It’s like politics for nerds. This A-List should unite our country.

Been Wanting to Support Zack Snyder? Here’s Your Chance.

While the headline is snark, the story is real. Please donate, buy something cool, and show Zack you heard him.