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MoviesMatrixMadness | Top 64 CBMs

64 teams. 4 regions. There can only be 1 champion. What is the best overall CBM ever? You be the judge!

Why Marvel has the Midas Touch and What DC Must Learn

Reviews are pouring in on Captain Marvel. And while this post is completely spoiler-free (and really doesn’t discuss the film), it’s safe to say the audience is very mixed on the movie. Unexpected. Unusual. Brilliant. #GirlPower. Meh. Let’s just get to ‘Endgame.’  Whatever flavor is…

Help Wanted: A Casting Call for All to Answer

Are you a geek? Of course you are. Are you a talented one with a knack for voice acting? We could use you!

A-List | 10 Other Gay Superheroes You May Not Knew Flew Out of the Closet

Comic writers are known for many things, progressive is among them as you will see with these 10 characters.

James Wan Trolls ‘Shazam’ Trailer Haters in Epic Fashion

His responses should shock you. (Sorry, it was there. Had to do it.)

Chris Hemsworth is Leaving Asgard for Hulkamania

What’cha gonna do…when Netflix runs this wild on you?

Black History Month Profile | Icon

He is from outer space. He could possibly whoop Superman. And, oh yeah, he was a slave freed on the Underground Railroad. Yes, really.

The Tragedy Of Ben Affleck’s Batman

He was many things in the cape and cowl. Among them was the most polarizing Batman. Ever.

Why ‘Aquaman’ Trench Spinoff is a Great Idea for DC Comics

We have 5 reasons why James Wan may be up to something brilliant for DC Comics. It’s a DARK idea though.

Black History Month Profile | Black Lightning

Who says teachers aren’t cool?! Black Lightning was everything most heroes couldn’t be — very human.