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#ICYMI: 10 of the Best ‘Captain Marvel’ Easter Eggs

She had three names in the movie, but Marvel missed one: “Peter Cottontail.” Plenty of Easter Eggs to discuss.

#ICYMI: ‘Die Hard’ 30th Anniversary Easter Eggs

You can quote the movie, but did you know you can see it again in theaters. Now, go search for these easter eggs.

#ICYMI | ‘Iron Fist 2’ Easter Eggs and Xrefs

We all search for Easter eggs during our favorite nerd shows. Did you find them all in ‘Iron Fist 2?’

Will Watch | Ready Player One (DVD) Review

There were enough easter eggs floating in the OASIS that it looked like one could bob for apples. Only would you bob for this particular one?

#ICYMI: Watchmen Details and References

Details. References. And Easter Eggs, oh my. These are ICYMI to one of the most abtruse and fascinating CBMs ever.