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We have 5 reasons why James Wan may be up to something brilliant for DC Comics. It’s a DARK idea though.

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The Golden Age of Horror Movies is Getting a Serious Polish Today

Today, we enjoy the darkest movies in history, but it was the time of yesterday that paved the way to everything we enjoy.

NYCC: McFarlane Talks ‘Spawn’ and Making 10-Year-Olds Cry?!

When a guy of Todd McFarlane’s ability and serious focus for the sardonic says THIS, parents need to believe the man.

James Wan is Searching for the Next Big Horror Director in Reality Show

We’ve always wondered what makes James Wan tick. Now, we’ll know what he does with that tock with a new horror reality show.

The DR Is In | Hell Fest (2018) Review

What started out as a bumpy ride into another stereotypical slasher movie ended with a firm, promising ending and a memorable slasher.

The DR Is In | Mandy (2018) Review

Mandy is a stunning, horrifying, heartbreaking, and, yes, hysterical masterpiece. Director Panos Cosmatos has solidified himself as a true visionary filmmaker, bringing an all-time performance out of Nicolas Cage.

Why ‘Venom’ Should be Rated R: Its Horrific Inspiration

The continuous spat over what this film should be rated should end, thanks to Ruben Fletcher’s own inspiration for making the film — horror movies. Case closed?

The DR is In | Hereditary Review

Ari Aster’s directorial debut is unsettling, deeply disturbing, and a possible Oscar-nominated delight for horror junkies.