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The Tragedy Of Ben Affleck’s Batman

He was many things in the cape and cowl. Among them was the most polarizing Batman. Ever.

Black History Month Profile | War Machine

He’s a man on a mission, both for his job and his creed. War Machine is a force. James Rhodes makes him a man.

A-List | 5 Actors to Replace Jackman in the MCU as Wolverine

With the Marvel / Fox merger, can anyone replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Looks like we will see, so here are 5 options.

Why ‘Aquaman’ Trench Spinoff is a Great Idea for DC Comics

We have 5 reasons why James Wan may be up to something brilliant for DC Comics. It’s a DARK idea though.

First Look at Slavery Abolitionist Heroine Biopic ‘Harriet’

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” ~Harriet Tubman

Onward and Upward: What is the Future of Pixar?

“To Infinity and…” where, again? Only time will tell where Pixar is headed.

As Ben Affleck Confirms He’s Done, Matt Reeves Confirms He’s Just Beginning

We’ve waited. We’ve gossiped. Now we have an answer and none other than Matt Reeves is helping us move on.

Zack Snyder and the Zombies are Coming…to Netflix

It’s a Zack Attack! Heeeeeeeeee’s back. Just not where you think and why.

A-LIST | The 12 Best Video Game Movies Ever

Anime to Action to Animation, Video Game movies have a good history with Hollywood. In that, they are there. But, they’re getting better.

AquaZack: Turns Out Snyder Has an ‘S’ on His Chest Too

James Wan. Zack Snyder. A match made … where?! Hey, it worked but will it again?

Netflix Gets Awards, Subscribers Get Hosed

Who said cutting the cord was going to hurt revenue? Oh, the cable guys? Yeah, they were right.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Adam Lambert’s Cameo in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

In 2011, Adam Lambert arguably was asked to fill the largest shoes in the musical world when Roger Taylor and Brian May asked the ‘American Idol’ contestant to become the new front man for Queen. Yes, he would replace Freddie Mercury.  If you saw…