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Let’s Look Behind the Curtain at the ‘Most Influential Film Ever’

When you think about what movies have influenced entertainment more than any other, do you see red?

BFI: “No More Villains With Scars or No More Money”

All people need a chance to be loved. And if you ask these Brits, scarred, evil folks have less a chance of feeling warm and fuzzy.

Can We Now Get Ready for the Stan Lee Biopic?

Stan Lee lived a long, fruitful life. Now is time to celebrate it on film. Can someone call Bryan Cranston?

A-LIST | The Top 5 Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2018

You have seen a lot of movies this year, but what movie did you see the most before you saw it? We have the Top 5.

The ‘God’ of Kaiju Films Gets a Modern Reboot

Before Mothra. Before Pacific Rim. Before Godzilla. There was… Buddha?! And it’s coming back.

‘Willy Wonka’ is Returning as a Prequel, and Bad Ideas Return with It

“Wrong, sit, wrong! You get nothing!” If only Hollywood would say that to bad ideas.

A-LIST | The 25 Best Biopics of All Time

When you think of a famous person’s life, not all can be told on screen. But 25 of them have become instant classics. Can you name them? We did.

#ICYMI: ‘Die Hard’ 30th Anniversary Easter Eggs

You can quote the movie, but did you know you can see it again in theaters. Now, go search for these easter eggs.

The Mandalorian Takes Their First Victim: Boba Fett

And for this decision by the empress in charge of Lucasfilm, we shouldn’t be happier.

A-List | The Top 10 Horror Villains of All Time

Halloween wouldn’t be the day the death we celebrate without these 10 malevolent folks. Who are they? Read inside.

The DR Is In | Halloween (2018) Review

The Shape Returns In What May Be The Greatest Horror Sequel of All Time Director David Gordon Green takes John Carpenter’s iconic original film from 1978, and lovingly shares it with a new generation. Retconning all of the sequels that preceded the original film…

A-LIST | The 10 Most Essential Horror Themes Ever

You hum them. And usually when you’re in the dark or you know something bad is about to happen. That’s what iconic themes do to people.