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Avengers vs Jedi: A Battle of Box Office Titans

Avengers. Jedi. Who will win at the box office in 2019? For fans, we all win…and, so does Disney.

A-LIST | Top 12 Most Anticipated Films for 2019

Next year is going to be full of blockbusters all through 2019. Can you narrow them down to the top 12? We tried. And, it was a struggle.

Let’s Look Behind the Curtain at the ‘Most Influential Film Ever’

When you think about what movies have influenced entertainment more than any other, do you see red?

Is ‘Star Wars’ About to Get the Luck of the Irish with a George Lucas Return?

Even rumors get to earth from a galaxy far, far away (and considered forgotten).

The Mandalorian Takes Their First Victim: Boba Fett

And for this decision by the empress in charge of Lucasfilm, we shouldn’t be happier.

Will Watch | Solo: A Star Wars Story (DVD) Review

It took a galaxy far, far way to bring it here, but we finally got to see what makes Han Solo the scruffy-looking nerfherder that he is. And I was glad for it.

A-LIST | 12 Times When People Have Cheered for the Bad Guy

Venom is an anti-hero but we’ll still cheer for him like he’s super. We have done that at least 12 other times too. Can you name them?

‘SOLO’ DVD Marketing Gives Us New Images of Maul

Hey, Star Wars fans. The Sith Lord martial arts master is back. And he brought pictures.

Why Kelly Marie Tran is Better Than You

She was beaten down and forced to leave social media because she starred in a movie, and didn’t look like others. Today, she fought back valiantly.