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A-List | 5 Actors to Replace Jackman in the MCU as Wolverine

With the Marvel / Fox merger, can anyone replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Looks like we will see, so here are 5 options.

Black History Month Profile | Black Lightning

Who says teachers aren’t cool?! Black Lightning was everything most heroes couldn’t be — very human.

Black History Month Profile | Luke Cage

Today’s Black History Month comic profile is Power Man, who has exhibited true strength comes from within.

Netflix Gets Awards, Subscribers Get Hosed

Who said cutting the cord was going to hurt revenue? Oh, the cable guys? Yeah, they were right.

Netflix Reveals Its Most Bingeable Shows

Yeah, yeah. No Marvel shows on the list. So what. Someone pass me the remote for Bojack Horseman, please?

Frank Underwood is Dead and Buried so Go Visit his Grave for Tourism

Poor Kevin Spacey. The body isn’t even cold and now, this?!

Pay Attention to Jason Momoa’s Other Role…on Netflix

Aquaman is coming. Game of Thrones went. But have you seen Jason Momoa in this Netflix show? You should.

‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is Being Sued by Satan

Whatever happened to the cartoonish blow-up dolls with red skin, baby horns, and a pitchfork?!

Iron Fist Knocked Out by Netflix After Season Two

The light is out. The party is over. Iron Fist is officially cancelled.

From Consoles to Film: 5 Video Games That Deserve Film Adaptations

QUICK: Name a movie based on a video game that has blown you away. We’ll wait… and while you wait, read this list of 5 games that could change your mind.

The RetroLight Awards | Bradley Cooper

We’ll always have ‘The Hangover’, but when you look at the breadth of his work, Bradley Cooper doesn’t have time to be hung over because he’s always working. And doing it well!

Netflix is Doubling its Content Kingdom by 2023

Netflix is defining what it means to be a real TV network and expanding its reach across all genres.