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The Oscars May Have PC-ed Themselves Out of Ratings and a Host

No Kevin Hart. No Oscars host. No problem?

Julie Andrews Serves a Spoonful of Sugar to ‘Aquaman’

Looking forward to Mary Poppins this December? No, not that one. We mean the other one.

Wan Says ‘Aquaman’ is 143 Minutes of Foreshadowing, So Does This Guy

Bring a water bottle. You may need it. You know? For the water. Yeah, that’s it.

HBO Calls Out Trump for “Borrowed” ‘GoT’ References

You don’t want to call the leader of the free world “thief,” but HBO kinda just did that.

DC Comics and ‘Suicide Squad’ Go for the Smoking Gunn of Directors

If DC and WB went after THAT guy, who else do you think is looking for a job? Yea, that OTHER guy.

‘Batwoman’ Ruby Rose Proves Nerd Twitter is as Thorny as Ever

It has been thought what Netflix has done for Marvel creations, the CW is working to do with DC’s. What began with a slightly gritty Arrow has become a thoughtful portrayal of America from a civil advocate’s vantage point. And now, they have a Batwoman. CW…

Drax is ‘destroying’ his MCU career!

It’s no secret that Dave Bautista (who plays Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies) is completely against Disney Studio’s decision to axe the highly discussed James Gunn from the third installment, inevitably preventing him from completing his trilogy. That, I…

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s Sons Debate a Patriotic Issue with ‘First Man’

One small step for man is in a movie but two giant thumbs of Buzz Aldrin has made national news.

Not Even Luke Cage Can Deflect Bad PR. Just Ask Ariana Grande.

You tweet about a handsy preacher during a fairly big TV event, and instantly, you’re not bulletproof anymore. Tough times.