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‘Venom’ 2 Casting a Web for a New Director…But Why?!

Yeah, Sony. You’re right. Ruben Fleischer sucked at this whole bringing a movie no one gave a chance and crushed it… crap.

There Really Will Be ‘Carnage’ in 2020

“You can’t kill chaos…and you can’t keep it locked up for long.”

Ranking All 8 Spider-Man Movies

Quick! Think about all the Spider-Man movies. Even Venom. How do they rank? We have an idea.

Todd McFarlane Shares What Was Wrong with Spider-Man 3’s Venom

Todd McFarlane is clear about his thoughts on ‘Spider-Man 3.’ In fact, he made short order of this interview.

THE METRIX | ‘Venom’, ‘A Star is Born’ Bury Chazelle’s ‘First Man’

‘First Man’s’ plummet back to earth came to the sound of little cash registers singing its praises.

NYCC: McFarlane Talks ‘Spawn’ and Making 10-Year-Olds Cry?!

When a guy of Todd McFarlane’s ability and serious focus for the sardonic says THIS, parents need to believe the man.

The DR Is In | Venom (2018) Review

Tom Hardy is great. Venom is good. Everyone else? Meh. Details inside…

THE METRIX | ‘Venom’ Breaks October Thursday Night Record

Critics can hate all they want. The fans have made Venom is a box-office hit

Tom Hardy: “My Favorite 40 Minutes Were Cut from the Film” but Not Really

First, we are led to believe one thing about ‘Venom.’ And now, not so much. That’s a great way to launch a movie.

‘Venom’ Gets Two Post-Credit Scenes (And is Still PG-13)

We can get ready for two post-film scenes, but two post-credits?! Maybe it’s a PG-13 thing. We wouldn’t understand.