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The Tragedy Of Ben Affleck’s Batman

He was many things in the cape and cowl. Among them was the most polarizing Batman. Ever.

Why ‘Aquaman’ Trench Spinoff is a Great Idea for DC Comics

We have 5 reasons why James Wan may be up to something brilliant for DC Comics. It’s a DARK idea though.

Black History Month Profile | Black Manta

While his presence has been quiet until recently, his impact has been felt for years. This is Black Manta.

As Ben Affleck Confirms He’s Done, Matt Reeves Confirms He’s Just Beginning

We’ve waited. We’ve gossiped. Now we have an answer and none other than Matt Reeves is helping us move on.

That Was The Day the DCEU Died (Really)

WB Chairman Toby Emmerich has officially piled dirt on the DCEU corpse. We try to discover why.

AquaZack: Turns Out Snyder Has an ‘S’ on His Chest Too

James Wan. Zack Snyder. A match made … where?! Hey, it worked but will it again?

Been Wanting to Support Zack Snyder? Here’s Your Chance.

While the headline is snark, the story is real. Please donate, buy something cool, and show Zack you heard him.

Quid Pro Quo | ‘Aquaman’ Makes Waves for DC and WB

Two people. Two points-of-view. One solid review. This is ‘Aquaman.’ (At least, we think so.)

Margot Robbie Reveals ‘Birds of Prey’ Title Because Spelling Sucks

How the hell is THAT going to fit on a movie screen?! Even in IMAX.

The ‘God’ of Kaiju Films Gets a Modern Reboot

Before Mothra. Before Pacific Rim. Before Godzilla. There was… Buddha?! And it’s coming back.