The Gaming Matrix

Much like The Sound Matrix or even Inside the MoviesMatrix, we are nerds of the highest caliber over a premier gaming experience. And we blog, pod, and debate about it all.

Gaming and the more evolved eSports have become common place for all of us. From the casual user of a plug-in base to the more advance PC “Steamer,” gaming has taken a place of priority for millions of people worldwide. And if it’s something that requires binary thinking and gaming console, you can bet it’ll be here in the Gaming Matrix.

All Communities Welcome

Gaming comes in all forms, shapes, and sounds...and consoles. So let us know what you want from The Gaming Matrix.

Do you see the joystick that first dragged you in like the Tractor Beam to the Death Star? If you’re a gamer of any notion, you do. We want to encourage quality debate over gaming and all that implies. Among those general gaming categories discussed on this blog, pod, and social channels are:


In 2001, Microsoft came strong with their foray into the gaming Olympics. Before that, the classic gamers (aka. Old Farts) loved discussing their supremacy.


Speaking of supremacy, ever since the PS2 became the most profitable gaming console of all time, Sony has not looked back at all.

PC Gaming

Ever since 1962, PC gaming has been a thing, which is why some purists won’t even touch a “gaming console.” They put air quotes all over that.


From Odyssey to Atari, even go back to Pong, the classics are why we are all here, so expect homages from time-to-time extoling their greatness.

This is our gaming platform to you, so if there is something you think needs to be discussed, drop us a DM, join us for a podcast, or maybe we’ll ask you to write it yourself. But let us know what gaming news and editorials you’d like to see, read, and hear.