The Sound Matrix

In the MoviesMatrix, we are massive audiophiles so we began thinking about the music in entertainment. From movies to TV to gaming, if you can hear it, the tune will evoke something deep inside you.

In short, you geek out over music and sound too. And, whether we are discussing the latest soundtracks to the best-ever scores, the most impressive bands to the most singular leaders, music causes audiophiles to swoon like a nerd during opening weekend for the latest Star Wars film.

Music is Universal. Any Surprise We Are Too?

This is why The Sound Matrix is so important to us. The Hip-Hop community is just as loud and proud as the alt-rock and metal communities. So, instead of arguing and fighting, they have joined forces in bands like Limp Bizkit, Prophets of Rage, Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead, and to think, it mainly started with… Anthrax?!

No, that’s not Hans Zimmer, Garth Brooks, Moby, Eddie Van Halen, or even Beck, but who cares? The sound of passion has a different sound to everyone, which defines @TheSoundMatrix.


But it’s not enough to blog about those things, which we do plenty Inside the Matrix, we took those words and created our own collection of Spotify playlists. And now those melodious thoughts are reality and free for you to stream for whatever mood you’re in!

Music — regardless of genre, medium, or artist — is one of the moving forces behind the maturation process in society. And you don’t have to visit any Spotify playlists to figure that out. Need proof. Here, check this:

Jawswhat do you hear?


Halloweenyour favorite holiday with music?

Game of Thronesjust want to start conducting the orchestra, don’t you?

Indiana Joneswant to get your Fidora and whip out?

Friday the 13ththe whispers…those dang whispers!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirEverybody! “Now this is a story…”

That is why there is music in film and TV. It’s addictive and lasts forever. From themes to scores and soundtracks, this the music that will outlast most memories.

MoviesMatrix Spotify Playlists

Here are 3 Spotify Playlists for you free to download…

MoviesMatrix Spotify playlists look at the themes that made movies famous.


When you think of a famous TV series or movie, it comes with a sound. These are the themes of our lives.

Those sounds are right here.

MoviesMatrix Spotify playlists look at the soundtracks that made movies famous.


Some of the most purchased tapes, CDs, or downloaded music files have come from the best soundtracks.

These are the tunes that shaped us all.

MoviesMatrix Spotify playlists look at the scores that made movies famous.


You’re watching a scene in a movie and then the music kicks in. These scores give chills, jumps, or tears.

These are the best scores ever!

Want to us build a new TV or movie playlist with us?


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