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At, this is truly a place where the sum is greater than our parts. No blog, podcast, graphic arts, or social media platform is complete without a dynamic team behind them.

There are people who make this thing move. The minds behind the editorials. The thoughts behind the graphics. The voices behind the podcasts. The ideas behind the social. This is the team plugged into the MoviesMatrix.

Are you?

Do you miss reading content that cites credible sources instead of mysterious ones, provides balanced reporting, and sheds some thought-provoking editorials? More than a dozen signature columns — all dedicated to entertainment and the geckaphile! 

Now that you have heard about them, take some time to get to know the Geckaphiles of the MoviesMatrix!


The Grand Poobah | Creative Director, Founder

He’s a part-time dream alchemist and future stockholder in Funko Pops! Aside from that, he was a little bored with his IRL gig, so he decided there needed to be more attention paid to movies, TV shows, and other nerd stuff. Fast forward a few months, and we have what brings us here today. Oh, you like the art around here? That’s him too. #Skillz

Handle: @SuperHeroPoll


Warlord of Ingenuity | Film Critic, Columnist

The Dude definitely abides here and one of our leads behind @eGamingMatrix. And, if he could swing it, he’d be just as agile as a certain wall-crawling superhero. We dare you to DM the guy and spell Peter Parker’s alter-ego incorrectly. Owen believes if you don’t hyphenate Spider-Man, you’re a flawed soul.

Handle: @MrDude_7

Read his Profile Page “Inside the Matrix”


Connoisseur of Critique | Critic, Writer

This is our mate from across the pond. He’s from Wales — it’s like England, only more sheep. When he’s not having a pint on his Corn Flakes, this gamer and foodie is treating us to his splendid opinions on film and TV here, and gaming over at @eGamingMatrix. (He just uses the letter ‘U’ in more places. Much more!)

Handle: @HiiReviews

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