What is the MoviesMatrix?

Ever been called a name just for liking something other people do not?

Typically, the trolls who call you those names are attempting to insult you because you are simply enthusiastic about something they don’t care to discuss at their own parties. You could be discussing a great TV series or a fantastic sci-fi movie. Maybe you have worn cosplay or played a certain kind of board or card game. Perhaps you enjoy certain genres of music or really dig comic books.

At one point in life, and maybe you didn’t realize it before, you were called a “geek.”

The Inspiration Behind the MoviesMatrix

Geek? In the MoviesMatrix, that's a thing to be celebrated.

What most people just watch; we devour. We enjoy like-minded people who go online searching to devour their appetite about conspiracy theories, debate about a director’s vision, or even what is the best (insert your favorite genre here) movie ever. 

That’s where the conflict begins.

Where do you go for your fix? We have all discovered some thoughtful and authoritative blogs — nice stories, insightful perspectives, written by real fans of the craft. Unfortunately, most of those online portals are now drowning in a murky ocean polluted by clickbait, misleading headlines, poorly written stories, and the anonymous trolls out there sleeping in their own poop.

This is why the MoviesMatrix was born.